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Anyone who is:

✔ Looking to start an IV Therapy Business

✔ Looking to grow and scale their IV Business

✔ Looking to train their staff on all things IV Therapy

✔ Looking to add IV Therapy to their services ie. Med Spas, Chiropractic Offices, Cryotherapy, Physical Therapy

✔ Looking to motivate your staff

✔ Looking to train your staff on sales and create raving fan customers

✔ Looking to take their Brand to the next level

✔ Master Marketing, funnels, free customer acquisition

 Regulatory Panels

✔ Updates and Changes to the Pharmaceutical industry

✔ Everything you need to know about IV Therapy- launching an IV Therapy company or adding IV Therapy as another service

✔ Mastering the Art of the Sale

✔ Marketing Mastery

✔ Creating a brand that lasts

✔ Regulatory compliance

✔ Mastering your mind in a tough economy

✔ Advances in regenerative medicine

✔ Advances in the IV Therapy Space

✔ Additional revenue services

✔ Learn directly from the leaders in the space

✔ Software to manage your IV Therapy business