Gary Brecka

[Co-Founder & Chief Human Biologist of 10X Health System & Bio Biz Bash co-founder]

Kevin Harrington

[Entrepreneur & Partner with The DRIPBaR]

Christopher Himel

[CEO of Himel Health Enterprises and co-founder of Bio Biz Bash]

Archie Messersmith-Bunting

[EVP, Himel Health Enterprises & Bio Boardroom Managing Director]

Chris Seitz, MD

[Founder & CEO of Guardian Medical Direction]

Dan Powell

[Director of Business Development of Olympia Pharmacy]

Dr. Patrick K. Porter, PhD

[Founder and CEO of BrainTap]

Sarah Lomas

[CEO and President of REVIV Global]

Kyle Jones

[Co-Founder & CIBO of iCRYO]

Pamela McLeod

[President of Mobile IV Nurses]

Jonny Weber

[Owner of Mobile IV Nurses]

Katie Wafer Gillberg

[Founder of Hydrate IV Bar]

Randal Rutledge

[Business Owner]

Felicia Janovich

[Owner of Live Hydration IV Spa]

Adam Boender. DC

[Founder, Legacy Med Solutions & Legacy Coaching]

Ken Starr MD

[Founder and CEO of Wellness Group]

Paniz Jasbi

[Founder of Theriome]

Chaz Faulhaber

[Co-Founder of Onus IV Hydration]

Jennifer Kraatz, MSPharm

[Owner of Pharmacy Upward]

Pavel Stuchlik


Jim Donnelly

[Founder and CEO of Restore Hyper Wellness]

Jasen Bruce

[CSO of Empower Pharmacy]

Dr. Staci Blume

[Founder of Well Infused]

Jeff Cohen

[President of Florida Healthcare Law Firm]

Dr. Christopher Davis

[Chief Medical Officer of Liquivida]

Ben Crosbie

[Owner and CEO of The DRIPBaR]

Sam Tejada

[President & CEO of Liquivida]
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