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Christopher Himel

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Chris Himel spent over 11 years running a Digital Marketing Agency specializing in digital automation and high ROI campaigns, 20+ years of experience in sales training, reading 100’s of books, attending 100’s of seminars, and writing two books Business is Simple But It Ain’t Easy and Forget Fail: Make the Sale.

He has a unique skillset that allows him to jump into any business and create massive growth while allowing owners to take their life back and work on the things they want to work on.

If you want to work less, smarter and make more money, leading to a bigger impact on this world, Chris is the perfect person to talk to and bring into your company.

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Archie Messersmith-Bunting

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Archie Messersmith-Bunting, The Feelings Guy™, is a mental health advocate, professional speaker, & all around badass who helps people discover how leading with their feelings can improve their quality of life and save the lives of those they love.

Archie was a successful musical theater performer in New York City before addiction and clinical depression destroyed his childhood dream and led him to a place where he believed suicide was his only answer. Through his company ArchieCares, LLC, Archie aims to reframe the narrative surrounding mental illness and addiction by facilitating honest and vulnerable conversations.

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Dan Powell

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Dan Powell has been the Director of Business Development for Olympia Pharmaceuticals since 2011 and was Penn State Graduate for Aerospace Engineering in 1991.

Dan has a “Never say ‘no’ attitude.” He is a problem solver who is highly motivated with a broad skillset including process creation & improvement, leadership, teaching & equipping, public speaking / promoting, product development & research, building, researching & educating on products through social media and webinars. Analytical, data driven thinking and planning with a strong background in Software architecting.

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Chris Seitz, MD

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Chris Seitz is a Board Certified Emergency Physician with licenses in over 15 states. He has served as a Medical Director for multiple EMS agencies as well as Medical Spas and Wellness Centers throughout the United States.

Dr. Seitz is the CEO of Guardian Education Group and the Chief Medical Officer of Guardian Medical Direction, the fastest growing Medical Direction and Physician Collaborative platform in the world.

Dr. Seitz has a passion for education and innovation in healthcare and when he is not following those passions he is spending time with his wife and three children.

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Katie Wafer Gilberg

Personal Information

Denver, Colorado native, Katie Wafer Gillberg is the founder, visionary, and CEO of Hydrate IV Bar, a collection of health and wellness spas specializing in IV therapy, and vitamin injections.

Katie, who has a BA in Business and Communications from Arizona State University, identified a need for wellness-based IV therapy while working in a medical sales career in Las Vegas.

Katie uses her voice to be an advocate for small businesses, serves on several boards, including most recently serving as the Chairperson for the Cherry Creek Chamber Association and is passionate about giving back to the local communities and non-profits.