Felicia Janovich

Owner of Live Hydration IV Spa

Personal Information

Name is Felicia Janovich I am 33 years old (i think haha 1.7.1989) I stated off as an RN working 3 jobs because truly i love to work milan laser a OR nurse and ER nurse i was the nurse who enjoy “my time” too off as much as I could when bills were paid i took as much staff reductionas i could, to founding the First LIVE Hydration Spa in Omaha, Ne. In 2018 noticing the industry was emerging and believing in Live we decided to franchise is 2020 ( nothing else to do right) NO we were the busiest we have ever been. We will have 25 open by spring and sold over 70. I have 4 children under 5 and an amazing Husband. I am spiritual minded as there is NO was any of this just happened! I am coming to make sure you KNOW you can do this! You need a mindset and a tribe. If you need help with either I’m here to help.